Takshoni Fibers & Textiles are development of raw fiber to fiber and textile products.

Our fiber and textiles business forms the of the starting point of our operations. In addition to clothing and industrial materials, our fiber and textiles business is actively working towards the manufacture and sales of final products. we are also making a dynamic shift to expand into the global market in the area of manufacturing and sales

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Takshoni Renewable Energy consist of two sections which are solar energy and wind power

Takshoni Solar power and wind power paving the way for new possibility in mega solar and a wealth of experience in country around the world. Electricity supply by solar power, along with wind power, is expected to expand further. Its business configuration, from selecting a viable location to constructing and running a power plant, shares many common points with wind power generation

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Electronics products includes  ICT equipments, Microwave-related products, Power-supply units, Semiconductor devices

Developing New Environmental Technologies through Strategic Collaboration as our electronics business has focused mainly on wireless communication equipment and semiconductors. In the wireless communication equipment businesse.

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Advanced Functional materials opening the door to a world of possibilities.Innovation and absolute quality bringing light to the unknown

The advanced material business segment of Takshoni Energy develops a range of materials, including activated carbon fibers, glass fibers and glass beads. Activated carbon fibers play a key role in water purification and air filters and in addition to customized products to meet the needs of customers.

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Polymer technologies, The core of business operations. Covering the needs of the future in the area of film, plastics and nonwovenfabrics..

Takshoni Energy has established itself as a pioneer of modern industry and has since grown into a manufacturer of functional materials. The key behind our operations to date lies in our polymer technologies.

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