About Solar power

Electricity supply by solar power, along with wind power, is expected to expand further. Its business configuration, from selecting a viable location to constructing and running a power plant, shares many common points with wind power generation. we are using experience and know how gained in the wind energy business for solar power generation, started operation of a photovoltaic power plant in South Korea in 2008. Following this, one of the worlds largest photovoltaic power plants was built in California, United States, and the whole group is developing its photovoltaic energy business globally. Our firm is aggressively developing its photovoltaic energy business to become another pillar alongside wind energy.

Abundant Solar Radiation

The greater the amount of insulation, the more electricity obtained from the solar cell module. Meanwhile, there is a tendency for output to fall as the temperature of the solar cell module increases. The project site is therefore selected taking into account not only the amount of insulation but also meteorological conditions, such as temperature.

The construction of mega solar power plants requires a large land area. While it will also depend on the circumstances of the installation of the solar cell module, the construction of a 1MW mega solar power plant will require land that has an area of around 20,000m2 to 30,000m2 (equivalent to 75 to 115 tennis courts). The land must also be free of mountain forests and buildings that may intercept the sunlight. Another important requirement in terms of construction is that the land is as flat as possible and has roads of around 5m in width.

Transmission of electricity from a mega solar power plant requires that transmission lines with interconnecting capabilities be located nearby. A solar power plant with a capacity of less than 2MW requires high voltage transmission lines (over 600V, under 7kV), while a solar power plant with a capacity of over 2MW requires special high voltage transmission lines (over 7kV)

About wind power

We first entered the wind energy business in the United States in 1986 and has since developed business in various European countries including the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain. Furthermore, we built our first wind farm in Japan and entered the wind energy business in South Korea and Norway as well. Today, as a leading wind energy developer, we are implementing numerous projects. Additionally, in the wind energy business, our firm has received high acclaim both in Japan and overseas for its original and outstanding development and operation know how accumulated over the years. We will continue to aim for the sound operation of our power plants while working for harmony with our surrounding environments and community revitalization as well helping to preserve the global environment.


At Least 6.5m/Sec Of Wind Speed

For wind power generation, it is desirable to have an average wind speed of at least 6.5m/sec.Visual indications of approximate wind speed are given below

Tomamae Wind Farm (20MW capacity; twenty 1MW turbines) currently operating in Tomamae-cho, Hokkaido, sits on 100 hectares of land. Large-scale wind power projects require an expansive area of land similar in size as the above. It should be noted that development of a wind farm can entail the acquisition of approvals, such as the change of designated use of agricultural land, the release of area designation for agriculture promotion and the development of a forest land. It is, therefore, necessary to confirm land ownership, leaseholds and any other rights attaching to a prospective site