about  our Electronics products.

Developing New Environmental Technologies through Strategic Collaboration

Our electronics business has focused mainly on wireless communication equipment and semiconductors. In the wireless communication equipment business, we contribute to the safety and security of people around the world and to global environmental preservation through the manufacture of high-quality products based on advanced wireless communication technology, from social infrastructure, such as disaster-prevention systems and surveillance systems, to mobile communication equipment for shipping and automobiles. In the field of semiconductors, we have a strong advantage particularly in analog semiconductors and microwave-related technology and have created new value in such fields as audiovisual equipment, industrial and automotive equipment, and information and communications.

Electronics technology is becoming ever more advanced and diversified. In particular, the processing and control of information, which is growing exponentially, hold the key to the realization of a smart society. Our efforts to meet the needs of the time are centered on Japan Radio Co., which is a pioneer in the field of wireless communications.

Bridge System for Merchant Shipping

Our innovative next-generation bridge system for merchant shipping has a 46-inch wide display inserted into the front console. Thanks to the multifunction display (MFD), information from various devices can be freely switched and displayed according to circumstances, including the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) and conning equipment showing navigational information. In addition, the flexible system can be easily upgraded to change the number of displays, add bridge equipment, and so on, thus providing an easy-to-use bridge environment unlike any before.

These days wireless communication has become one of the basic functions that electronic systems should possess and is embedded in mobile devices and equipment for such purposes as strengthening security and environmental sensing. Utilizing the high-quality wireless transmission technology and ad hoc network* building technology that we have accumulated so far, we supply wireless communication systems that conduct surveillance and control as close-proximity wireless solutions.

An ad hoc network is an autonomous, decentralized network in which data is transmitted to the receiver by means of hopping data between wireless terminals.

CMOS Op-Amp NJU77806: The NJU77806 is a CMOS operational amplifier that, although having the lowest noise in the industry, realizes low power at a high level. It is ideal for amplifying use in such devices as vibration sensors for servo mechanisms, motion sensors, measuring equipment, and microphones demanding low noise in low wavelength areas.
Because current consumption is kept lower than conventional products, the NJU77806 is also suitable for battery-driven equipment demanding low power.

Ultrasonic-Related Devices: Based on our technology for ultrasonic application devices and ultrasonic sensors cultivated over many years, in accordance with the requirements of customers both in Japan and overseas, we support all kinds of situations, from feasibility to planning, design, prototypes, and production. In the field of medical equipment in particular, we are turning out many ODM products using state-of-the-art technology based on the ISO 13485 quality management system.

ODM (original design manufacturer) products are products that are designed and manufactured as consigned brand products.