Advanced Materials.

The advanced material business segment of Takshoni Energy K.K develops a range of materials, including activated carbon fibers, glass fibers and glass beads. Activated carbon fibers play a key role in water purification and air filters and in addition to customized products to meet the needs of customers, Takshoni Energy K.K also promotes high-performance through a combination with other materials. Our glass fiber products, all manufactured under an integrated production system from the yarn, right up the glass fabrics, address a broad range of very detailed requirements in a variety of fields, including construction and civil engineering to applications for electronic materials, such as finished glass fabrics for printed board etc. We are also developing a range of other high value-added products, expanding application into new fields. Our glass beads boast some of the best quality in Japan as main raw materials, are used for road marking, road signs and as reflective materials. Due to their unique properties, there are a range of other potential applications for glass beads. The seeds of possibility to create unique and special applications and a never-before-seen level of performance and innovative products are here at Takshoni Energy K.K.

Glass fabrics / Glass beads

Glass fabrics: Takshoni Energy K.K provides a range of products using continuous glass fiber and composite materials. High value added finished glass fabrics for printed circuit boards meet the needs of IT-related fields in terms of quality and strategic product development. In the industrial glass fabrics field, Takshoni Energy K.K offers a wide variety of product lines, including FRP, bag filters for waste incinerators, construction sheets, and waterproof floor sheeting, etc. Glass fabrics are also used in a range of interior and lifestyle products.

Glass beads: Unibeads are small spherical glass beads with diameters ranging from several microns to several millimeters. Utilizing their ability to reflect light, Unibeads are used to produce reflective sheets used to make road centerlines, pedestrian crossings, retroreflective material, road signs, sportswear and shoes, etc. Harnessing their spherical shape, Unibeads are also used as a soft polishing material to create a beautiful surface finish on electrical appliances and the precision processing of printed circuit boards, hypodermic needles and various industrial products.

Activated Carbon Fibers/Porous Plates

Activated Carbon Fibers: Takshoni Energy K.K activated carbon fiber, which we have developed by leveraging our melt-spinning technology, provides an extremely high adsorption speed compared with powdered or granular activated carbon. It adsorbs impurities from liquids and odors from the air. By taking advantage of the features of activated carbon fiber, we help people live comfortably.

Porous Plate: Takshoni Energy K.K porous plate is a water-absorbing material made of polyester fiber. We process polyester, which is hydrophobic by nature, by using our unique technique, to give the material high levels of water absorbency, sheet hardness, and machinability in a balanced manner.